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The Company’s Design Department, which sets trends for the Polish market, is our great success. It ensures a marketing advantage over importers who copy designs seen in shops and at trade fairs.  more

Hotels & restaurant

This particularly wide product range covers luxurious bed linen sets and tableclothing, meeting requirements of even the most demanding customers.  more

Clothing Fabrics

Clothing fabrics manufactured by the plants of Andropol S.A. are mainly made of cotton, they are pre-washed to give it a worn-off look and designed for the casual wear.  more

Military Fabrics

Andropol S.A. has been recognized as the leader in the production of military fabrics for the Polish army, police and foreign military importers.  more

Workwear Fabrics

Andropol S.A. also caters for commercial and industrial niche, offering cotton fabrics, blends (Polyester and cotton or polyester and viscose blends) or aramid (Nomex and Kermel), the fabrics of exceptionally wide applications.  more

Medical Fabrics

In cooperation with Instytut Włókiennictwa [Textile Research Institute], ANDROPOL has developed antistatic and bacteriostatic fabric.  more

Andropol S.A. itself reflects not only one hundred years of tradition but also state-of-the art technical and technological standards in the Polish textile industry.

In 2006, Andropol celebrated its hundredth anniversary! Andropol S.A. was established in 1906 by the Bracia Czeczowiczka Company as Pierwsza Galicyjska Tkalnia Mechaniczna [the First Mechanical Weaving Mill in Galicia].
„Andropol” S.A.
Ul. Krakowska 83,
34-120 Andrychów, Polska
T: (+48 33) 875 64 64
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